Weight of a Heart (Rank 2)Edit

As the Swara know, the weight of emotions comes from the weight of the heart. Making the heart swell creates euphoria, while shrinking it generates terror or despair. By working the weight of another being’s heart, a Swara can induce crazy mood swings from a distance. Nothing diffuses a fight faster than making the aggressor walk away in near suicidal depression. Tales credit this Gift to Hatti, who knows the ways of the heart better than most people do.


A Manipulation + Empathy roll changes the target’s mood. The more radical the shift (from joy to sudden weeping), the higher the difficulty. Even so, this is an easy Gift to use — its difficulties range from 4 to 8. The victim — if even aware that something has changed his mood from the outside — can resist the Gift with a Willpower roll at difficulty 8. Otherwise, the Gift lasts one scene, and inflicts no damage.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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