Whats the Password? (Rank 4) Edit

By communing with the odd spirits inside computers, a werecat can call up the passwords to files, accounts or encryptions. Although few nature-bound Bastet know this trick, many of their city cousins have at least heard of it. Most of those who do know it charge hefty favors for the teaching...

System Edit

The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas, spends a Gnosis point, and hopes the Net-Spiders will be generous. These encounters should be played out -- computer spirits can be pretty weird, and may want a bribe. The difficulty depends on the targets value. A successful Computer or Hacking roll can reduce this difficulty by 1 for every two successes (same difficulties; see The Werewolf Player's Guide, pages 194-199).

Information Difficulty
Checking accounts 5
Corporate records 6
Important documents, designer viruses 7
Secure accounts 8
Corporate secrets 9
Government secrets 10

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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