Whisker Sight (Rank 2)Edit

By attuning herself to her surroundings, a metis Bastet can get a sense of her surroundings. Anything within reach — even if it’s behind her, or invisible — is plain to all her senses.

Feline Bastet also may learn this Gift at Rank 2.


Roll Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 6). Success grants the character total sensory perceptions within a 10 foot radius. This doesn't automatically reveal hidden or invisible objects, but it allows her to try a normal Perception roll to notice things that would normally be beyond her sight. The Gift lasts one scene.

Note: PGtCB lists Whisker Sight as Rank 2 for Feline, Bastet Breedbook lists it as Rank 3. Gift is listed at Rank 2 for consistency's purposes.

Sources: Bastet Breedbook, Player's Guide to Changing Breeds

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