Wind from the West (Rank 2)Edit

Words can be as ephemeral as the Pacific fog; by making them dance and shimmer, a Qualmi can lead a less-clever opponent into a mental maze, then leave him there to puzzle his own way out. This takes the form of a series of high-speed riddles designed to tie folks’ minds into knots. Most Qualmi are especially pleased to find someone clever enough to avoid this mental snare.


As the Level Two Bubasti Gift: Mousemaze, except that the roll is Manipulation + Enigmas, and does not cost a Gnosis point. To counter the confusion effect, the target might try to figure out the puzzle (Wits + Enigmas) before it takes effect. Oddly enough, it pleases most Qualmi when a victim can think for himself; this often leads to a riddling contest, with the loser becoming confused by the magic. To simulate this exchange, see "Gamecraft" in WWtA Corebook, and raise the difficulty by one after each turn. When it reaches 10, check the final result: if someone wins and another loses, the loser suffers magical confusion; if both lose, they’re both confused; if both win, neither is confused. Most Qualmi take defeat well under these circumstances, and can be very generous losers.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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