Word BeyondEdit

(Level One) When traveling through the Umbra, Corax often feel the need to leave information for their fellow birds. After all, it’s common courtesy to inform a relative that the old safe road now leads right into a nest of Pattern Spiders, right? Unfortunately, there’s a dearth of writing materials in the Umbra, which means only that the Corax had to find an alternate method of leaving their missives. That’s where this Gift - which allows a Corax to create a recognizable sigil out of whatever’s handy - comes in. A spirit in service to Coyote teaches this Gift (when he feels like it).


In the Umbra, the Corax (by rolling Wits + Expression, difficulty 6) can create a marker out of available materials for any other Corax who come by. The number of successes indicates the complexity of the message that can be encrypted into the marker, which can be decrypted by another Corax rolling Perception + Occult (difficulty 7).

This gift is learned by: Corax

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