(5 pt Merit)

Like an heir of Avalon, you possess a higher purpose. Other Technocrats may be working for the future, but you carry a vision of a glorious past. In your dreams, you are a Knight of Reason, a valiant crusader for the common good. No matter what occurs, that vision cannot be silenced. When adversity knocks you on your ass, the paladin within you rallies, carrying you to victory. At night, you often visit bygone places in incredibly vivid dreams. Dreams that seem almost disturbing in their sensory detail... especially if you find things in the waking world that remind you of those dreams....

Essentially, this Merit reflects a "past life" — the reincarnated Avatar of an ancient Daedalean. Since no modern Technocrat would admit such a thing, your character considers this reborn soul a heroic dream. When he's facing some deadly crisis, the modern agent can call on his "dream self and remember things he never learned (like historical details and personalities); display skills he was never taught (like the Background: Dream at 5, but without entering a trance); or rally an additional five points of Willpower. These temporary Traits and memories last only a few minutes (in game time, a scene or two), but they carry with them a sense of having lived before. Naturally, these visions — of being a knight, an artist, an alchemist or a crusader — are just romantic fantasies. But are they really! After a while, you might start to wonder....

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