(1-5 point Merit)

With the right permits, you can do anything... well, not anything, but a lot more than the average Joe. Through some devious or official means, you have obtained a permit that allows you special privileges. Depending on the cost of the Merit, you may be authorized to:

  • Own and operate odd vehicles (like limos or trucks): one point.
  • Practice medicine or law (as a doctor or lawyer): two points.
  • Uphold the law (as a cop, detective or government agent): three points.
  • Own military hardware (heavy weapons, explosives, vehicles): four points.
  • Break the law in the course of duty (as a diplomat or secret agent): five points.

Naturally, these rights involve certain responsibilities. As part of your license, you may be required to fulfill certain duties and observe certain limitations. Even a cop can't go around busting heads on anyone he sees, at least not without some serious repercussions. Licenses of all kinds involve review boards, tests, periodic checks and an overseeing authority. Like anything else in life, you have to be careful how you apply your privileges. Abuse 'em, and you'll probably lose 'em.

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