Wild OpossumEdit

Background Cost: 4Edit

The only marsupial to thrive in North America, ‘Possum is a wily survivor, able to exist in the wilderness as well as in cities. ‘Possum has learned the value of deception in escaping dangerous situations, but when cornered she is a fierce adversary. Her immunity to snake venoms aids ‘Possum’s success in keeping the snake population under control.


Packs who follower ‘Possum gain Stealth 3 and the Gift: Resist Toxin. In addition, each pack member gains automatic initiative when cornered or forced into combat.


Children of ‘Possum must never kill one of her children. They must be particularly careful when driving, especially on rainy nights, and must attempt to decently dispose of any “roadkill” they encounter.

Source: Rage Across Appalachia

Urban OpossumEdit

Background Cost: 4Edit

Moodai the Possum is an urban totem followed by many Bone Gnawers. A nimble and cautious spirit, Moodai adapts well to any environment, as do his Children. The Children of Moodai, although not respected, are often called upon to perform tasks unsuited to other Garou.


Moodai teaches his Children Stealth 3 and Survival 3. His Children also become adept climbers, subtracting three from the difficulties of all climbing actions.


Children of Moodai must leave fruit and other food for the many possums that forage in city parks.

Source: Rage Across Australia

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