Note: This Rite is a Hengeyokai rite only.

Rite of Feeding the GhostsEdit

(Level One) This basic rite calls on one's ancestors to bestow their blessing from above, and offers up a sacrifice for their welfare. It is particularly popular among hte Courts, and few hengeyokai beyond Rank Two or so are without knowledge of it. This rite is always performed in breed form, and almost always alone, although siblings or other relatives may honor their mutual ancestors in a communal rite. The ritemaster must make an appropriate offering of food to the ancestors -- a Nezumi would offer plenty of rice, while a Kitsune would offer fine sake, candied sweetmeats, and several fresh-killed rabbits. The hengeyokai then chants, howls, sings, or dances or the like, whichever is most appropriate, while waiting for her Ancestor-spirits to devour the food. Although the food does not actually disappear if the rite is a success, the ritemaster's ancestors do consume the lingering spiritstuff of the sacrifice; anyone so callow as to eat the offering post-rite finds it bland, tasteless and without any real nutritional value.


The ritemaster rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 8). If this rite is successful, then for the next three days, the ritemaster gains -1 to the difficulty of Past Life rolls or any other die rolls that involve seeking wisdom or guidance from Ancestor-spirits. What's more, this may be a way for a hengeyokai laboring under an inauspicious burden to receive a little more luck from the spirits; the Storyteller may determine what form this aid takes, if any.

Source: Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters of the East.

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