Note: This is a hengeyokai rite only.

Rite of the Goblin ChrysalisEdit

(Level Five) One of the most foul practices to be found among the Yomi courts, the Rite of the Goblin Chrysalis binds a Bane into a living being, creating a bakemono. The bakemono-to-be must be bound in fresh Kumo silk and anointed with warm blood before the actual rite's beginning. Although this stipulation would seem to make this rite the Goblin Spiders' exclusive province, many fallen shapeshifters have discovered that silk fresh-cut from a Kumo's abdomen and properly handled works admirably, as well as providing a source of fresh blood to anoint the subject.


The ritemaster must make the standard Wits + Rituals roll; however, the difficulty is 8. Innocents are harder to infect, due to the relative lack of purchase a Bane can have on their souls; the difficulty for transmuting a virtuous human being or animal is 9.

Source: Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters of the East.

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