Hanuman's TrainingEdit

(level 0 rite)

In imitation of Hanuman, the athletic and near-invincible ape-deity of the Ramayana, a Bastet may find a place of solitude and meditation to gaze upon the glory of Surya - a spirit of the sun - and find strength in his teachings.


To receive Surya's blessing, a Bastet must plant her feet in the earth and follow the sun's movement without fail from dawn until dusk for one day. She may only move as necessary to keep her face turned towards the sun. Doing so piques Surya's interest, who will whisper to the Bastet secrets what amount to a -1 difficulty on all athletics-related rolls. This benefit continues so long as the Bastet wakes every morning with the sun to be refreshed with Surya's knowledge. Missing even one morning ends this benefit.

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