Note: This is a hengeyokai rite only.

Journey's EndEdit

(Level Two) This solemn rite is performed for a fallen hero whose actions have highly honored his court. The hero's body is taken to the heart of the caern, and there set in a diamond formed by mystic lanterns burning with spirit-fire. The court's historian beats a drum slowly, letting the mournful tempo echo through the caern. In turn a representative of each Breed present at the court steps forward and honors the deceased in some way appropriate to his race -- a Nagah representative might glide from the shadows and sing a brief song of glory; a Hakken might recite a haiku written in the fallen one's honor; a Kitsune might leave a beautiful calligraphy poem, exquisitely folded, on the hero's chest; a Nezumi might bow over the corpse, then throw his head back and release a keening wail.

When the last envoy is finished, the hero's surviving sentai mates, if any, sing a chant of loss and sorry. If the entire sentai has perished and is the subjct of this rite, then this song is sung by the court's Gai'nan. At the song's end the entire court chants a single mantra, calling the body home. As the mantra concludes, a high wind arises; the lanterns extinguish, and the body of the fallen vanishes, absorbed directly into the Umbra. No greater honor exists.


The deceased gains a point of permanent Virtue at the close of this rite, and may well live on as a strong Ancestor-spirit. He is welcomed into the Court of Ancestors with honor -- but in most cases, heroes such as this do not rest peacefully from then on, but return to aid their beloved courts when called (via summonings or Past Life).

Source: Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters of the East.

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