Rite of the River's Blessing (Rank 1)Edit

This Rite of Accord is an archetypal Nagah purification ritual, performed after the death of a great enemy. The Nagah must kneel at the bank of a river or stream to enact it, and make obeisance to the water running by. As she chants a litany of mantras and praise to the Three Mothers, she washes herself in the water, then shifts ot Azhi Dahaka to shake the drops from her hood. This rite is considered most auspicious when performed by moonlight, in full view of the Three Mothers.


The Nagah's Charisma + Rituals roll is at difficulty of the Gnosis or Rage of the Wyrmspawn she slew, whichever was higher. (The Storyteller may substitute other Traits such as Chi for Kuei-jin or other opponents, if he chooses). The difficult is reduced by one if the rite is performed by moonlight. If successful, the Nagah shakes off any external taint that may have come on her during her task, and is spiritually fortified to face her next encounter, regaining three points of Willpower. In most other respects, this rite is much like the Rite of Cleansing, save that only the Nagah may be affected.

Source: Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East

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