Rite of the Second FaceEdit

(Level Two) This rite declares to the spirit world that necessity decrees the hengeyokai must walk a different path. Like the Garou Rite of Renunciation, it is performed when a shapeshifter must change his auspice to one better suited to his current role. Most commonly, this is when a hengeyokai must give up the role of a sentai member and become a courtier, but circumstances might necessitate other changes.

Aptly enough, this rite is always performed at a crossroads of some sort -- even the crossing of two currents in the sea suffices. The supplicant pleads for the spirits' blessing in his new role, and pledges renewed loyalty to the Beast Courts. At rite's end, his companions or fellow courtiers lead him away from the crossroads and welcome him to his new task.


The changing of auspice is not something to be taken lightly, but the hengeyokai know it can be necessary. As such, the recipient loses no Renown, unless his Renown totals would place him a Rank higher in his new role; in that case, he loses just enough to put him midway through his current rank. For instance, Thanh is a Rank Three Lantern who must take up the role of the Fist; he has earned 9 Glory, 7 Virtue, and 3 Wisdom from his very martial exploits. Upon the rite's completion, he loses 2 Glory, 2 Virtue and 1 Wisdom -- but the circumstances that necessitated his change make it likely he'll regain the Renown soon enough.

Changing one's auspice more than once is inauspicious in the exreme; three chances are more than any loyal servant of the Emerald Mother should need.

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