Rite of the Stolen Wolf (Rank 4)Edit

This rite is usually enacted for crimes against other Garou or Kinfolk. The ritual strips a Garou of all her Rage. She thus loses the wolf and can no longer shapeshift, frenzy, gain Rage or spend it. Typically, this punishment lasts for a set amount of time depending on the crime's severity. When the rite expires, the Garou is once again able to tap her Rage - ideally having learned a valuable lesson.


The ritemaster cuts off a piece of the victim's fur and seals it in a box or shell. This item is then buried and cannot be reopened for a period determined by the caster. Destroying the case causes the Garou to lose the wolf permanently. No roll is required; however, preparing the receptacle takes many days and the target may not be willing to surrender the wolf.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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