Name: The Sept of Salt Air

Location: Island of the northern coast of Georgia (Near Savannah).

Composition: Just about everything. Fang controlled, no Furies and very few Lupus (they are welcome, they just don't often come).

Totem: Stallion

Nature: Respect, Reproduction

Level: 5

Sept Alpha: Regina Gilchrist ~Riddle-of-the-Rolling-Waves~, Elder Silver Fang Philodox

Caern Warder: Fletcher Hollis ~Dance-of-the-Blade~, Athro Silver Fang Ahroun

History: The Caern is on an island off the coast of Georgia, near to Savannah. The garou live there and on surrounding, smaller islands, and the towns/wilderness on the mainland. Many Kin and the urrah live as far as Savannah. The caern was discovered in the mid 1700's and the sept has been in operation since then. It started as a war sept under Fenris, but has gone through two totem and nature shifts over the years. In the 1940's, they switched from their sea faring totem of Old Man Sea to Stallion, to focus on filling out Gaia's ranks with more Garou children. Since then... there has been a population boom in the sept, but luckily, the nearby cities have been able to absorb the suddenly very populous Garou and Kinfolk.

Additional Notes: The Gatekeeper is an Adren Silver Fang Theurge named Spencer Hennessey ~Lion's-Courage~. And the island grouping the Caern is on is owned by Regina Gilchrist's (kinfolk) family and has been for some time. They are one of the wealthier families in the state. The sept's protectorate spans fairly far, as the Garou have spread a bit from the caern's location to try to be less conspicuously in one small space. Garou and Kinfolk both tend to come and go from this sept with some frequency. Their large population tends to attract the Wyrm, of course, and their battle to keep the Veil is often... a tight race. And bloody.

Visitors and Former Residents:

OOC Contact: Puck

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