• Name: Sept of the Silent Current
  • Location: Buffalo, NY. Located deep underground, under Lafayette High School.
  • Composition: Shadow Lords Only
  • Totem: City Father (Buffalo's City Father is a spiritual manifestation of the great river the caern is near, Niagara.)
  • Nature: Stealth
  • Level: One
  • Sept Alpha: Adrian Chernov ~Stormbringer~ Adren Theurge Shadow Lord
  • Caern Warder: Larisa Brody ~Thunder's-Voice~ Fostern Galliard Shadow Lord
  • Former Residents: Bianca
  • Visitors: None
  • OOC Contact: Puck

History: While this isn't a new caern, it is a little known one. The population has been kept small over the years, to better serve their overarching purpose of being unnoticed. It has been a Shadow Lord Sept since its inception in the late 1700's. The city of Buffalo was small, at that time, but built up around them and over them, thus prompting their desire to be as quiet as possible, leading to them being isolationist even from other Garou.

Additional Notes: This sept cares about its city. The garou, small though they are in number, work toward keeping the city hospitable and beautiful. Undesirable things entering the city will eventually find themselves wiped out. Currently, they're working on the vampire infestation, but are taking their hunting slow and gradual. Over all, it is paramount not to draw attention to the garou in the area or to the caern therein. As for important personages, other than the Alpha and Warder, Grigoriy Kitaev (~Forest-For-The-Fire~ Fostern Ragabash Shadow Lord) is the sept's primary breadwinner, as he is a successful businessman in the area. The richest man in Buffalo, Maximilian Dupont as he’s known, is known to the Sept as being the city’s Prince (of the vampire population) and as an Elder of the Toreador clan, although to those outside his own court and the members of Silent Current, this is completely unknown. This sept also knows the identities of the Seneschal and The Primogen in the city as well as other important members of the vampire infrastructure. Other than the Prince, the court seems to be lower powered than the average, but numerous.

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