• Name: Sept of the Pinnacles
  • Location: Near Wichita, Kansas
  • Composition: Black Fury dominated sept
  • Totem: Sphinx
  • Nature: Gnosis
  • Level: 2
  • Sept Alpha: Sierra Colins ~Divides-The-Stars~ Athro Homid Black Fury Philodox.
  • Caern Warder: ‘Lucky’ ~Strikes-From-The-Shadows~ Adren Lupus Black Fury Ahroun. (She is one-eye'd, just FYI)
  • Former Residents: Galia
  • Visitors: None
  • OOC Contact: Puck

Information: While this is a Black Fury dominated Sept, there are a few Children of Gaia and some Get of Fenris as permanent residents. Most other tribes are only allowed as visitors or not allowed at all in some cases (this often depends on the whims of the sept alpha). Visitors are never allowed in the caern and in some cases, not even on the bawn. They're a little obsessed with security, mostly because they collect and lock down wyrm fetishes, when they can't be destroyed without consequences. They consider it their duty to keep such items under their supervision, lest they end up in the wrong hands.