Larceny is a broad-spectrum Skill that covers a great many illegal activities and feats of legerdemain. This Skill allows a character to pick or disable locks and alarms, disarm traps, escape bonds, practice sleight of hand (and thus pickpocketing), as well as gambling (cheating), con games, theft, forgery (getting the appropriate info, actually making the item would involve Crafts), and even fencing stolen goods.

  • Note: Certain situations may require ventures into Crafts or Technology. For example, specialty locks will need to have been evaluated by a specialist, who then passed that information along before someone with Larceny can hope to disable said lock, regardless of experience.

x Untrained: Anyone can steal something, but not everyone can get away with it without being caught. An untrained use of this Skill allows a character to attempt an illegal act like theft based on what they've seen in popular culture, or can deduce, but such attempts will rarely work out in their favor.

• Novice: You can pinch an apple from a fruit stand without getting caught.

•• Practiced: Pickpocketing is a breeze, but breaking into a tightly secured building with electronic surveillance might still cause you some problems.

••• Competent: You're an accomplished thief or street rat who has probably served some jail time, or is a least a long term criminal. You're adept at all kinds of illegal whatsits, including breaking past mundane electronic security.

•••• Expert: You've seen some of the more complex locks and marks out there and bested them all. You can get past most kinds of security, provided you've been well-informed.

••••• Master: A master thief. You're either very well known and sought after (by the authorities and contractors alike), or you do very good to be as little known as possible to keep your butt out of the fire.

  • Possessed by: Entertainers, Spies, Special Forces, Amateurs, Pulp Detectives, Sneakthieves, Streerats.
  • Specialties: Theft, Lock picking, Pickpocketing, Escape Artist, Fencing, Money Laundering.

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