A character with Marksmanship has a broad knowledge of many different kinds of ranged weaponry — from a kid's BB pistol to a submachine gun to an English longbow — and he has the ability to use them as well. This Skill also allows the character to repair all kinds of firearms or bows and make decisions about the best ammunition for the occasion and the weapon.

x Untrained: You may have used a gun or bow and arrow in your backyard a few times, but not enough to be particularly good at it.

• Novice: You passed a hunter safety course.

•• Practiced: Most of the time, you leave the firing or target archer range happy.

••• Competent: You're accomplished with several different kinds of ranged weapons.

•••• Expert: Chances are, you've fired shots (and been fired upon) in several gun battles.

••••• Master: You leave smiley faces blown through all your targets.

  • Possessed by: Police, Criminals, Soldiers, Hunters.
  • Expertise: Rifles, Pistols, Artillery, Energy Weapons, Bows (Recurve, Compound, etc).
  • Specialties: Trick Shooting, Sharp Shooting, Combat Archery, Shooting on the Run, Sniping.

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