Towards the less densely populated end of Diamond Valley sits Marina's bright flower boutique, aptly named Sorrow's End.

Catering to the hobbyist gardener or just someone out to buy a pretty bouquet for their loved one, Sorrow's End is a small shop with an attached greenhouse, on a rather large piece of land. This land, about three acres of heavily forested property, butts up against the cliff face behind it. It's very old land, and rumors have it that the original owner of the property, Mr. Hayato Watanabe, recently passed away after living on the property nearly his entire life, leaving it to his son. Not wanting to be burdened by the land and wishing to buy a better place for him and his wife back in Japan, the grandson hastily sold it as is, to Marina.

Sorrow's End specializes in showy flowers, but herbs of all kinds can be found there. Bonsai, spices, vines, and even rare tropical pitcher plants and orchids are for sale and showcase. Teas, books, soaps and other merchandise from The Greener Side, Marina's online homeopathic store, can also be purchased there, along with bulk herbs, spices and botanicals.


Despite Mr. Watanabe's inability to tell her much about the area, not having investigated it since he was very little, the property has since been thoroughly explored by both Marina and her then-boyfriend Rommy Akana, revealing an abandoned dojo built against the cliff face, housing a sealed cave. Further research implies there is something nasty hidden yonder.

With Marina's exodus, the property fell to Rommy, who pays for the property with what money he makes from Rangering and with whatever proceeds the store manages. The shop's inventory is almost empty, however, spurring Rommy to claim the area as official tribal territory in the hopes he could lure a kin to help him run the place. In the mean time, any free time Rommy manages is spent at the store tending to the greenhouse plants, or training in the dojo.

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