This terrifying Psychic Phenomenon allows a psychic to invade a victim's subconscious and destroy essential elements of personality. Soulstealing doesn't cause madness; instead, it renders its targets mere shells. Most practitioners are Black Spiral Kin, but, though other werewolves are loath to admit it, a handful of their own disloyal Kinfolk know a level of two of this Numina. Some Shadow Lord Kin learn it to achieve a modicum of power with their tribe. Kin who do know about Soulstealing tend to keep the knowledge to themselves.
To attempt Soulstealing, the psychic makes a Willpower roll and spends one Willpower point; the difficulty is her target's Willpower + 2 (max of 10), and the victim must be in the line of sight. Victims generally don't remember the incident; however, the Storyteller may allow then a Perception + Enigmas roll to notice the Soulstealing in progress. Soulstealers can attempt this Phenomenon once per scene on any living being. They generally shun vampires and wraiths; a few Stargazers whisper dark tales about Soulstealers losing their minds after confronting these undead creatures.

Dream Invasion: The psychic can enter the dreams of the victim and interact with the subconscious. She cannot plant or steal memories, but she can take part as an 'actor' in the dreams and remember what she sees.
•• Will Sapping: With each success, the psychic drains away a temporary point of the victim's Willpower. The victim recovers Willpower in the normal manner.
••• Drain Vital Essence: Each success by the psychic drains away a Health Level from the victim. These wounds aren't aggravated, however, and the victim recovers normally. No physical marks appear on the victim; rather, this is 'mental' damage.
•••• Shift Life: For every two successes, this variation of Drain Vital Essence lets the psychic transfer one of the victim's Health levels to her own body as an extra Bruised Health Level (or to heal one of her own lost Health Levels). She may add extra Health Levels up to twice normal (ie, up to seven levels).
••••• Gnosis Theft: For every two successes, the psychic may steal and keep one point of Gnosis for her own. Even if the psychic doesn't possess the Merit: Gnosis, she may use this Numina to empower Gifts or fetishes - but once spent, she doesn't recover the Gnosis as would a Garou. She must steal more.

(Source: Kinfolk Unsung Heroes)

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