Insight is the understanding of one's situation and the ability to correctly judge based on one's own "gut feelings". A character with high Insight is one who is able to discern the clues around oneself to put together the proper outcome, sometimes even without realizing it. It is one's natural ability to pick up on things quickly, such as determining pieces of a puzzle, looking for missed evidence in a crime scene, or guessing correctly on an unknown probability outcome.

A character with low to no Insight is less likely to find herself capable of making concrete decisions about situations. She may second-guess as the queues becomes overwhelming, and doubt her judgment on a situation or worse, guess wrongly. When coupled with a Flaw such as Self-confident, this could lead to some "interesting results" in a story.

This Talent is similar to Primal Urge in that it allows a character to guess correctly and follow her "gut feelings". However, while Primal Urge deals with animal instinct and one's inner connection to Nature, Insight is more a measure of acumen, intuition, judgment, and represents a keen power of discernment.

x Untalented: You rarely listen to your instincts.

• Novice: You have good instincts. The footsteps end at the wall; there must be a secret door.

•• Practiced: You know there's a story in everything around you, as long as you keep an open mind.

••• Competent: Your instincts rarely let you down. Why would they be sending the money now? It must be a bomb!

•••• Expert: A sixth sense seems to tell you when something's amiss.

••••• Master: Your powers of discernment are as such where no clue or missing piece ever escapes your attention.

  • Possessed by: Investigators, Detectives, Gamblers, Cops, Ghost Hunters.
  • Specialties: Trap Sense, Searching, Gambling, Clue-Hunting.

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