Integrity represents a character's ability to hold fast to her principles, morality, and sense of self in the face of such things as intimidation, persuasion and torture. It is the counter to such abilities as Persuasion and offers little Supernatural protection. See Willpower.

x Untalented: A pushover. You either have no knack for conviction, no training, or you depend on raw Willpower to get you through hard times.

• Novice: You've got courage. You're also decent at resisting the pitches of used car salesmen.

•• Practiced: You know what you believe in, and you'd do a lot to protect what it is you care about. It takes a great deal of pressure to shake your foundations, but you are not immovable.

••• Competent: You have an unshakable faith and willingness to suffer for your beliefs. Only the worst kinds of torture will convince you to give up your principles.

•••• Expert: Positively unflappable. You might be sought after as espionage or infiltration material, or perhaps as a face for a faith or cult.

••••• Master: You've got the makings of a martyr.

  • Possessed by: Investigators, Spies, Crusaders, Priests, Warriors.
  • Specialties: Resisting Persuasion, Resisting Interrogation, Fearless

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