Where Stamina represents a character's raw and innate endurance, Resistance represents a character's refined ability, knack, and training to harden the body against physical illness, punishment, or other harsh and potentially damaging conditions. Resistance thus allows a character to better resist the effects of poison (including alcohol), disease, fatigue, sleep deprivation, pain, extreme temperatures, and similar effects.

  • Resistance is a measure of both Stamina and mind-over-matter, and so acts as an extension of the sorts of things raw Stamina defends against. Resistance, however, does not add to a character's soak pool. Also, Athletics is the better choice if you wish to represent a character's ability to move and exercise for long periods of time. Resistance would govern a character's ability to keep on going after the soreness and fatigue has set in, not during the actual Marathon.

x Untalented: Lightweight. You have no talent for resisting the affects of alcohol or fatigue.

• Novice: Reasonably tough. You can keep your head after a night of drinking.

•• Practiced: Pain is weakness leaving the body. You're decent at riding through most ails and fatigue.

••• Competent: Going days without sleep may not be fun, but you can handle it. Also, debilitating illness or pain is for lesser mortals. You can take it.

•••• Expert: Sleep is a suggestion you must occasionally indulge. Pain is ephemeral. You have become more than adept at ignoring physical roadblocks your body might put before you.

••••• Master: You are a machine. You can keep going on nothing but spite indefinitely.

  • Possessed by: Survivalists, Infantry, Warriors, Daredevils.
  • Specialties: Holding Breath, Enduring Pain, Resisting Poison, Resisting Disease, Going Without Sleep, Laughing At Temperature Control, Moving While Encumbered.

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