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The ancient Greeks regarded Themis as a patron of balance and justice, of air and earth. As the balance of the Triat shifted, the Dream-Weaver slipped into the gray area between Wyld and Weaver. Her present Realm is a dream sphere in this middle ground; aid and advice from Themis come only through dreams. Packs serving Themis must spend much time in the deep wilderness, observing and meditating on the balance of the Tellurian. They oppose injustice whenever they can. Themis is an old spirit; Priestess of Artemis and more traditional Amazons often follow her.


Followers of Themis gain 1 Wisdom each, and one additional point in Enigmas and Gnosis. Galliards of Themis gain the Dreamspeak Gift and may also receive prophetic visions (Storyteller’s option), although the meaning of the visions will be obscure. Players should interpret the dream themselves, rather than making an Enigmas roll.


Glass Walkers will never be chosen by Themis. Too much of the Weaver exists in them.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook 1st ed

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