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The Wind Incarna are abstract, almost alien, representatives of the various winds. Garou can contact these Incarna only through meditation or while in the Umbra. Each Wind Incarna has subtle variations and bestows different gifts upon its children. The Zephyr Stargazers, who highly respect these Incarna, learned many of their Kailindo secrets from such Wind-spirits. Similarly, Wendigo are on good terms with the North Wind, and a Wendigo needs to pay one less Background point to ally with the North Wind Incarna.


  • The East Wind's packs may draw on three extra Gnosis points per story, and their frenzy difficulties are at +1.
  • The South Wind grants his children the Gift: Eye of the Eagle and one Stamina point.
  • The North Wind grants his packs Occult 3 and Enigmas 2.
  • The West Wind grants Meditation 3 and three extra Willpower points per story.
  • The Ethereal, or Umbral, Wind reduces the difficulty to step sideways by 2.


The followers of a Wind Incarna must meditate for one hour per week.

Source: Werewolf Player’s Guide 2nd ed

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