A few blocks down from Grey Inc, this condominium complex is state-of-the-art, green-tech focused, and off limits to anyone who is not Garou or Kin.

The condos themselves are spacious and vary widely in size from one-bedroom to three bedroom, two bathroom models for large families. There is an underground meeting area in the "basement" of the complex, in which a safehouse has been set up with dormitory rooms, eating area, meeting area, gym, and all types of amenities.

Garou and kin are given keycards to access the safehouse, and individual families' cards are keyed to their own condos.

On paper, the condo complex is owned by one Baxter Jovanovich. He is a Shadow Lord kinfolk called in from Denver by David to act as landlord for Winter Park. He handles the day-to-day administrative duties of the complex, but decisions about allowing access or making major changes to the complex are made by David Green.

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